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Lucky Chinese Beaded Unisex Bracelet

Lucky Chinese Beaded Unisex Bracelet

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This is the most selling bracelet across Asia, only a short google search is needed to know what this gem of a bracelet really is. 

A classic beaded bracelet submerged in some essential relaxing oils complimented by a Lucky Coin, also know as "Feng Shui" coin

Feng Shui (pronounced "fung shway") are considered to be the most powerful manifesting tools for attracting wealth, prosperity, and endless fortune, especially those from the extremely auspicious Qing (pronunciation similar to the English word "chin") or Ch'ing Dynasty. 

Round in external shape, the coins have a square hole in the center. The round shape symbolizes heaven, and the internal square represents earth. When used by humans, the coins represent the engagement luck of “Heaven-Earth-Mankind.”


Feng Shui tenets call for the coins to be made of fine metal, such as brass or bronze (like the coins used in all Energy Muse coin pieces) rather than resin, which is brittle in nature and lacks the proper “metal energy.” These fine metals, with their strength and elegance, have the powerful metal energy needed to even further activate the luck and wealth "chi" (energy flow; defined literally as “air” or “breath”)

One standard size, Not to be missed. Limited quantity available. 

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